Western Swing Time June 1th - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Western Swing Time June 1th

Western Swing Time June 1th

Today’s show is brought to you in part by The Oregon Valley Boys, ”We’re on a mission from Bob™" www.oregonvalleyboys.com.
Randy Hill is the creator and host of Western Swing Time Radio. A professional musician for over 40 years, Randy started playing drums as a young boy growing up on a central Texas farm approximately 30 miles south of Austin. During that time period, he was introduced to a variety of music via a stack of old 78s that belonged to his grandfather; artists like, B.B. King, Smiley Lewis, Bobby Lord, Gene Autry and the Old Smoky Twins. Trips to the Club 21 dance hall in nearby Uhland, Texas on Saturday nights with his parents sewed the seeds of a lifetime love of classic country music and the blues.

Through the years of performing, Hill has shared the stage with some of the legends of country and swing music; Johnny Rodriguez, George Strait, pedal steel legend Jimmy Day, Texas Tornados’ Augie Meyers, Terri Gibbs, Stan Perkins (son of rockabilly legend, Carl Perkins), Hayden Vitera (Asleep At The Wheel) and Bobby Flores (Ray Price). He is the band leader for the Willamette Valley based western swing band, The Oregon Valley Boys.

Randy is the former producer and cohost of the Roadhouse Revival Radio Show and the Lone Star Revival Radio Show.
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