Western Music Time ( 6 - 113 Aug) - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Western Music Time ( 6 - 113 Aug)

Western Music Time ( 6 - 13 Aug)
Western Music Time
Opening theme
Texas Plains – Riders in the Sky
Call of the Canyon - Gene Autry
Silver Spurs – Sons of the San Joaquin
Empty Saddles – Sons of the Pioneers
Yodeling Crazy – Rex Allen
Maybe – Riders in the Sky
Over the Trail – Elton Britt
Don’t Fence Me In – Roy Rogers
Home on the Range – Gene Autry
Cowboy Blues – Cass County Boys
Jingle Jangle Jingle – Tex Ritter
Goin’ Back to Texas - Don Edwards
Poncho Pony - Patsy Montana
Sunrise Over Taxco - Robert Wagoner
Rocky Canyon – Gene Autry
Mist Around the Prairie Moon Tonight - Ray Whitley
Blame it on that Old Wyoming Wind – Scott Lambertsen
Wending My Way to Wyoming – Sons of the Pioneers
Riding Hiding Teardrops in My Heart – Marty Robbins
Heading South from Canada, zigzagging across the West
Williams Lake Stampede – George Hamilton IV
Montana Anna – Diamond W Wranglers
Black Hills of Dakota – Eddie Dean
Timber Trail – The Reinsmen
Wyoming on My Mind – Sons of the San Joaquin
Oregon Trail – Sons of the Pioneers
Over Nevada – Trudy Fair
Skies Over California – Georgia Crackers
Red Hills of Utah – Marty Robbins
Oklahoma Blues – Jimmy Wakely
Arizona Waltz – Rex Allen
Deep in the Heart of Texas – Gene Autry
Santa Fe, New Mexico – Sons of the Pioneers
A Mini - Salute to Tex Ritter
Arizona Days – Tex Ritter (from his 1936 film, AZ Days)
Ridin’ Down the Trail to Albuquerque – Tex Ritter
Green Grow the Lilacs –Tex Ritter (1945 with Wesley Tuttle’s band)
Bad Brahma Bull – Tex Ritter
Do Not Forsake Me – Tex Ritter
Down in Old Matamoros – Tex Ritter
T-E-X-A-S – Tex Ritter
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