Western Music Time (4 -8 Oct 2017) - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Western Music Time (4 -8 Oct 2017)

Western Music Time (4 -8 Oct 2017)
Songs of Bob Nolan
Happy Roving Cowboy – Sons of the Pioneers
Tumbling Tumbleweeds – Gene Autry
Trail Herdin’ Cowboy – Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers
Outlaws – Wagonmasters
Roundup Time is Over – Sons of the San Joaquin
Wind – Marty Robbins
Move Along You Lazy Cattle – Ken Curtis
He Walks with the Wild & the Lonely – Riders in the Sky
The Touch of God’s Hand – Rex Allen
The West is in My Soul – Robert Wagoner
I Follow the Stream – Sons of the Pioneers
Tumbleweed Trail – Reinsmen & Bob Nolan
Chant of the Wanderer – Hank Snow
Cool Water – Sons of the Pioneers with Hi Busse’s intro
Bound for the Rio Grande – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen
Summer Night’s Rain – Ken Curtis
The Boss is Hangin’ Out a Rainbow – Sons of the San  Joaquin
At the Rainbow’s End – Rex Allen
Way Out There – Marty Robbins
Skyball Paint – Roy Rogers
Chant of the Plains – Sons of the San Joaquin
Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy – Riders in the Sky
Hold that Critter Down – Cass County Boys
This Ain’t the Same Old Range – The Reinsmen
When Payday Rolls Around – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen
Trail Dreamin’ – Marty Robbins
A Sandman Lullaby – Sons of the Pioneers
A Cowboy has to Sing – The Ranch Hands
Song of the Bandit – Marty Robbins
When the Prairie Sun Says Good Mornin’ – Ken Curtis
Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Cool Water – The Reinsmen
Song of the Rover – Sons of the San Joaquin
Old Forgotten Trails – Bob Wagoner
One More Ride – Sons of the Pioneers
Roundup in the Sky – Cass County Boys
The Mystery of His Way – Sons of the Pioneers
There’s an Open Range Ahead – Ken Curtis
Hello Way Up Yonder – Sons of the San Joaquin
Rise & Shine – Sons of the Pioneers
Coyote Serenade – Sons of the Pioneers
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