Western Music Time ( 26-30 July) - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Western Music Time ( 26-30 July)

Western Music Time (26-30 July)
Opening theme
Cimarron (Roll on) – Les Paul & Mary Ford
San Angelo – Marty Robbins
Little Red Wagon – Hank Thompson  
The Big Corral – Beverly Hillbillies   
Margretta – Sons of the Pioneers
La Malaguena – Trio los Panchos
La Malaguena – Riders in the Sky
Salute to Fred Rose and Johnny Marvin
Home in San Antone – Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys (Rose)
Rose of Old Pawnee – Don Edwards (Rose)
Dust – Roy Rogers (Marvin)
I’m Gonna Roundup My Blues – Gene Autry (Marvin)
The Old Trail – Gene Autry (Marvin & Rose)
‘Neath the Blue Montana Sky – Gene Autry (Marvin & Rose)
A Mini Salute to Rusty Richards
Red River Valley – Rusty Richards
Magic of Twilight – Rusty Richards with Hi Busse & the Frontiersmen
When Payday Rolls Around – Rusty Richards (fea yodler) & the Sons of the Pioneers
Rodeo Cowboy – Rusty Richards & the Sons of the Pioneers
Zebra Dunn – Rusty Richards
My Colorado Home – Flying W Wranglers
Headin’ for the Bunkhouse Now – Kevin Davis
Singing Hills – The Reinsmen
Rise & Shine – Sons of the Pioneers fea Pat Brady
Somewhere West of Laramie – RJ Daniel
There’s a Rainbow on the Rio Colorado – Gene Autry
The Latest from BACM: Highlights – The Melotone label
Riding Down that Old Texas Trail – Louise Massey & the Westerners
Every Day in the Saddle – Tex Ritter
Gold Coast Express – Patsy Montana & the Prairie Ramblers
Oregon Trail – Eddie & Jimmie Dean
Wild & Reckless Cowboy – Sourdough Slim & his Saddle Pals
Modesto – Thick Crust Doughboys
Mmmm…Montana - Wylie & the Wild West
Hawaiian Cowboy - Sol K. Bright and His Hollywaiians
Horse Lover - Mary Kaye   
San Angelo, TX – Trudy Fair
San Angelo – Dale Evans & the Whippoorwills
My Window Faces the South – Mel Tillis
Closing theme
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