V.A-Cohorts & Collaborators (Songs Written With Waddie) - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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V.A-Cohorts & Collaborators (Songs Written With Waddie)

V.A-Cohorts & Collaborators (Songs Written With Waddie)

Track list
   1. Dave Stamey - a Poet with Something to Say
 2. Brenn Hill - the Bristlecone Pine
 3. Gillette Brothers - Trade Off
 4. Juni Fisher - It's Who They Are
 5. Dean Walden - You Are the Light
 6. Pipp Gillette - Middle of No-Where
 7. Sons and Brothers - of a Cowboy
 8. Jon Chandler - Back Story
 9. Trinity Seely - the Hand
 10. Brenn Hill - the Rawhide Braider
 11. Pipp Gillette - Dogs Bark in the Night
 12. Juni Fisher - Still There

Scott O'Malley's Western Jubilee Recording simply doesn't misfire.  The company not only consistently issues top quality releases, but their albums could usually be categorized as providing “important” material for the genre.  Consider this one of those.

The collection's subtitle “Songs Written With Waddie” is gently inaccurate.  “...With Waddie's Words” comes closer, as most of the artists here took his finished works and wonderfully set them to music.  The rhymemeister himself makes the distinction in his notes, stating that Juni Fisher's songs with him(“It's Who They Are” and “Still There”) are “the most collaborated of the album!”  No matter.  You'll just be glad they got done.  Other featured performers (co-writers) include Sons & Brothers, Jon Chandler, Pipp Gillette (also The Gillette Brothers), Brenn Hill, Trinity Seely, Dave Stamey and Dean Walden.  Several songs here are award winners, and most will become standards in the Western repertoire.  Highly recommended.  Twelve tracks.

CD:  (available through www.WesternJubilee.com)

- by Rick Huff
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