Swingin' West May 14th - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Swingin' West May 14th

Swingin' West - Mike Gross                        Swingin' West May 14th


Play List
Composer's Corner Special
Theme- Fred Rose
Roly Poly- Curly Musgrave & Belinda Gail (CD)
You've Got a Sweet Kind of Love- Maryann Price (Catfish Jazz) (CD)
Mansion on the Hill- Jim Cohen (Acceptable) (CD)
Theme- Pee Wee King
Bonaparte's Retreat- Buzz Evans (CD)
You Belong to Me- Ray Harrison (Country Discovery) (CD)
Tennessee Waltz- Bobby Atkins (Thunderbolt) (CD)
Theme- Western Concert- Bob Nolan
Happy Rovin' Cowboy- Bad Bob (EH King) (CD)
Cool Water- Flying W Wranglers (CD)
Warm Again- Robert Wagoner (High Country) (CD)
Theme- Texas Dance Hall Time- Willie Nelson
Darkness on the Face of the Earth- Bobby Flores (Yellow Rose) (CD)
I've Just Destroyed the World I'm Livin' In- Lone Star Troubadours (CD)
Opportunity to Cry- Johnny Bush (BGM) (CD)
Theme- Cindy Walker
Bubbles in My Beer- Bobby Lueders Band (Bowstring) (CD)
Tater Pie- Wild River Band (CD)
Maiden's Prayer- Brady Bowen & Swing Country (CD)
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