Swingin' West March 5th - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Swingin' West March 5th

Swingin' West - Mike Gross                        Swingin' West March 5th


Play List
Singing Cowboys Do Western Swing
  I.        Theme
            o     San Antonio Rose- Tex Ritter (Capitol) (Hilltop) (LP- Sings His Hits)
            o     Home in San Antone- Sons of the Pioneers (Decca)(Vocalion) (LP- Tumbleweed Trails)
            o     My Adobe Hacienda- Gene Autry (Republic) (2LP- All American Cowboy)
II.        Theme- All From Bob Wills
            o     My Confession- Rex Allen (Longhorn) (LP- Love Gone Cold)
            o     Time Changes Everything- Roy Rogers (Decca) (MCA) (CD- Country Music Hall of Fame Series)
            o     Hang Your Head in Shame- Foy Willing & Riders of the Purple Sage (Roulette) (Soundies) (CD- Cowboy)
III.        Theme
            o     I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded- Betsy Gay with Andy Parker & Plainsmen (Capitol)(CD- The Early Years 1946-57)
            o     Milk Cow Blues- Jimmy Wakely (Simitar) (CD- Jimmy Wakely)
            o     Born to Lose- Eddie Dean (Shasta) (Varese Sarabande) (CD- The Very Best)
IV.        Texas Dance Hall Time/Composer's Corner- Hank Cochran
            o     Darlin' You're Stronger Than Me- Jody Nix (Hillside) (CD- Bright Lights and Country Music)
            o     Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me- Jeff Woolsey & Dancehall Kings (Shuffle One) (CD- Live at Pearl's)
            o     A Way to Survive- Sharon Denney (CD- Fly Away)
  V.        Mixed Grouping
            o     Steelin' Corn- Ronnie Miller (CD- Brothers Legends & Friends)
            o     Shelburne Yesterday- Rick & the Ramblers (Airflyte) (CD- Green Mountain Standard Time)
            o     I'm Gonna Be a Better Man- Jerry D.Hobbs (CD- Keepin' It Country)
            o     Betcha Don't Want Me- Carolyn Sills Combo (Moon Lasso) (CD- Carolyn Sills Combo)
            o     Death of Me- As Good As Brothers (Swedish Import) (CD- As Good As Brothers)
VI.        Faded Love- Texas Swing Band (PVI) (CD- Welcome to Texas)
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