Swingin' West Feb 5th - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Swingin' West Feb 5th

Swingin' West - Mike Gross                        Swingin' West Feb 5th


Play List
Western Swing Do Rockabilly, Blues & Waltzes
Theme- Western Swing Do Rockabilly
Bang Bang- Hot Texas Swing Band (CD- Ain't Dead Yet)
Jailhouse Rock- Light Crust Doughboys (Art Greenhaw) (CD-Doughboy Rock)
My Happy Days Will Come- Lil' Linn & Lookout Boys (Enviken) (Swedish) (CD- Sharpshooting Gal)
Theme- Western Swing Do Waltzes
City of Albany Waltz- Frank Maloy, Paul Anastasio, et al (Patuxent) (CD- Stop Look & Listen)
Waltzing in Ol' San Antone- Jim Dorsett (Patuxent) (CD- Before It's Too Late)
Waltzing at the Appledale Cotillion- Al Brisco (Canadian Import) (CD- Pickin' Your Picks)
Western Concert- Western Horse Songs
Strawberry Roan- Pioneer Pepper & Sunset Pioneers (CD- Wagon Load of Western Songs)
Horse Corral Meadows- Belinda Gail (West Quest) (CD- Songs of the Great American Cowboy)
Zebra Dun- Don Edwards (Western Jubilee Shanachie) (2CD- Saddle Songs)
Composer's Corner- Dave Kirby
Is Anybody Going to San Antone?- Brad Moore & Cornell Hurd Band (Behemoth) (CD- That Old Texas Groove)
April's Fool- Bobbe Seymour & Jimmy Day (CD- Masters Collection)
Starting New Memories- Ray Price (Varese) (CD- A New Place to Begin)
Western Swing Blues
Since I Met You Baby Blues- Don Sulesky (CD- Shenandoah)
Texas Hambone Blues- Johnny Case (CD- Swing Southwest)
Brain Cloudy Blues- Barn Door Slammers (CD- The Barn Door Slammers)
Linda Lou- Ray Price & Cherokee Cowboys (Columbia) (Bear Family) (10CD Set- Ray Price & Cherokee Cowboys)
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