Swingin' West April 2th - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Swingin' West April 2th

Swingin' West - Mike Gross                        Swingin' West April 2th


Play List
Secret Love- Dennis Ivey (IMG) (CD)
After You've Gone- Casey Driscoll (Patuxent) (CD)
My Buddy- Hank Thompson (Heart of Texas) (CD)
Walking My Baby Back Home- Kelli Grant (Silverfalls) (CD)
Back Home in Indiana- Brady Bowen (CD)
Old Fashion Love- Paul Main (CD)
Texas Dance Hall Time
Simply Classic- Boggy Branch Band (Stardust) (CD)
I've Just Destroyed the World- Curtis Potter & Darrell McCall (Hillside) (CD)
Nobody Loves Here Anymore- Allen Karl (Century II) (CD)
Western Concert- Theme
It Had to be You- Barbara Nelson (CD)
Wind Beneath My Wings- Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave (CD)
Mixed Grouping of New Items
Jacob's Movin' Fast- Don Powell (EH King) (CD)
Poe and Shakespeare- Phil Coley (EH King) (CD)
This God Forsaken Town- Marvin O'Dell (Musikode) (CD)
The Rose is for You Today- Country Night Live (Vocal- Billy Martin) (CD)
Faded Love- Bobby Hicks (Rounder) (CD)
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