Sons of the Pioneers - The Lure of Tumbleweed Trails - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Sons of the Pioneers - The Lure of Tumbleweed Trails

Sons of the Pioneers - The Lure of Tumbleweed Trails
 Jasmine          JASMCD 3692

 In 1960 and ‘61, the Sons of the Pioneers recorded the tracks that were to be used in their RCA Victor LPs, Lure of the West and Tumbleweed Trail, following on the success of their landmark LP, Cool Water and 17 Timeless Western Favorites.  I had requested that they record a couple of my favorites that had not appeared on the Cool Water album, “Adobe Hacienda” and “Along the Navajo Trail,” and was delighted when I found that both were included on Lure of the West.
         I was new to the music in those days, and the song selection on those two albums was magic. “Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie,” ”Cimarron (Roll On),” “Silver on the Sage,” “Wanderers of the Wasteland,” “When the Bloom is on the Sage,” “Hills of Old Wyoming,” “Saddle Up!” and so much more, every one a gem! This new release contains all 24 songs from these two great albums, recorded in stereo.
        The trio of Lloyd Perryman (tenor), Tommy Doss (baritone) & Dale Warren (lead) was augmented by the deep bass voice of Thurl Ravenscroft, who had recorded with the Pioneers for Walt Disney earlier and had also become the familiar voice of “Tony the Tiger” on tv commercials.  These two albums were from guitarist Karl Farr’s last sessions.  He passed away on stage a short time later. Classic songs, masterfully done. Widely available and a “must” for every Western music fan.
O.J. Sikes

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