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Ryan Fritz - Keeper Of The West

Ryan Fritz - Keeper of the West

Track list
Buckaroos Rodeo
Keeper Of The West
Frank Chief Calf
Jingle Up
Teach Me Something Old
She Shoots The West
River Camp Nights
Give The Boy A Rope
Rawhide Ranch
She Picks Up The Reins
Winter Riding Begins
Mountain Town Maiden
War Horse

Ryan Fritz arrives with his newest album.  It's 100% Western, recorded and produced by Eli Barsi and John Cunningham.  Both of them provide musical support on the songs as well.  Top session talent has also been employed, which is all to the good, on this contemporary collection.

Picks include the title track, the sad portrait “Frank Chief Calf,” “Jingle Up,” “Teach Me Something Old,” “Give A Boy A Rope” and “War Horse.”  Ryan Fritz is the real deal.  He performs with honest cowboy conviction, which leads me to ask a question.  Am I hearing touches of digital pitch correction here?  I mean the kind that's absolutely necessary to use on questionable Country people, but changes the blood in the voice to an electronic parody of itself?  Nothing in Fritz's earlier releases suggests that was needed.  Unless he was having a bad day, knock it off!!  Recommended.  Fourteen tracks.

- by Rick Huff
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