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Royal Wade Kimes - Where Outlaws Roam [book]

Royal Wade Kimes - Where Outlaws Roam [book]
ISBN 978-194327628-8
(Irongate Books)

I’ve not made a practice of reviewing novels.  However I now feel I should cover writings of singer/songwriters as they branch out.  Royal Wade Kimes certainly has a storyteller’s heart as is shown in his adventurous songwriting.  In his debut novel, he brings a certain swagger as he pulls on limbs of inspiration from his own family (hanging?) tree!

If you’re okay with a certain amoral bent of the “heroes,” then the plotline of this sprawling tale should roll out for you satisfactorily.  One positive is that events are allowed to happen with the disorder of real life.  We embark with a ne’er-do-well of royal blood, banished to the land “where outlaws roam,” who then rides from the bayou swamplands up into Kansas where comes redemption (of a sort).  There are occasional dialog and narrative incongruities (example:  a 19th Century character refers to a “significant other”), typos (“detour” used for “deter”) and other issues (repetitious laughing in the face of death/danger) that more judicious editing would catch.  But songwriter Kimes should prove to be an able hand at the Western novel genre as well!  275 pages.    

Trade Paperback:  $14.98 through

- by Rick Huff

Royal Wade Kimes
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