Rich O'Brien, Devon Dawson & Kristyn Harris- Badger & the Belles - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Rich O'Brien, Devon Dawson & Kristyn Harris- Badger & the Belles

Rich O'Brien, Devon Dawson & Kristyn Harris - Badger & the Belles

Track list
Slow Poke
Santa Fe Is A Long, Long Way From Broadway
West Of Santa Rosa
Don't Forget The Fiddle
Under A Blanket Of Blue
Lonely Rose Of Mexico
I Didn't Realize
Track 10
Rose Of The Old Pawnee
How Long Has It Been

These three very talented artists have just released this brand new CD gem of 12 tunes. All three are heard on lead and harmony vocals with Rich being the lead guitarist and fiddle player. Devon plays rhythm guitar and Kristyn, acoustic bass. All tunes are classics and standards with the exception of Don't Forget the Fiddle, written by the trio.

The album opens with Al Dexter's Rosalita, a hit that he had with his Troopers in the 1940s. Other Western Swing classics that are reprised are Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart's Slowpoke, Santa Fe is a Long, Long Way from Broadway from the great Leon McAuliffe and his band and two from the great Bob Wills band, Wills vocalist, Rusty McDonald's I Didn't Realize and Fred Rose's Rose of Old Pawnee. They also bring back Easy Adams' Bandera Waltz, a Jerry Byrd steel guitar memory that had some wonderful vocal by the late western legend, Rex Allen. Also remade by the trio are two pop music standards, Maggie and Under a Blanket of Blue. The CD also includes the beautiful West of Santa Rosa a tune written by Devon and Les Buffham and was recorded by Devon and her group, The Texas Trailhands in 2010. Rich also includes his beautiful guitar solo on Lonely Rose of Mexico a tune that the Sons of the Pioneers did over 70 years ago. The album closes with the inspirational How Long Has it Been.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX
February 5, 2015

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