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Rex Allen Jr. - Garage Songs - The Folk Years [Vol VIII]

Rex Allen Jr. -  Garage Songs  [Vol VIII]
The Folk Years

Track list
Greenback Dollar
Tom Dooley
Puff the Magic Dragon
Blowin' in the Wind
Po Le Le
Don't Think Twice
Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Teach Your Children
Four Walls of Raiford
The Boxer

 Traditional or Folk Music in America has its roots in the British Isles, Europe and Africa. As the music evolved, guitars replaced lutes, banjos replaced gourds and new songs emerged as new stories were told about life in the new country. Folk singers were active here in many settings, including on trail drives and around campfires, and eventually, fairly early in the 20th century, a few singers had their performances recorded. In 1941, Burl Ives recorded his first sides for the Oheh label and his work, along with the recordings of Woodie Guthrie & Cisco Houston, among others, later that decade, brought folk music to national prominence and paved the way for a “Folk Music revival” that was to take the U.S. by storm late in the 1950’s.
   In 1958, when The Kingston Trio recorded “Tom Dooley,” a song from 1868 about a real-life event from back in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the fan base for folk music grew by leaps and bounds. Rex Allen Jr. was influenced by all of these musical developments (he included a terrific rendition of “Tom Dooley”  on this new CD, by the way). Rex was a teenager at the time all this was happening, and he fell in love with this “new” music.
This new CD takes us back to that time, with some of the most popular folk songs of the day, beautifully presented by this legendary singer who grew up singing them. If you remember those years or if you want a taste of what it was all about, and why the music still lingers on in the memories of so many, this CD is for you. Available from and iTunes.
OJ Sikes
Rex Allen Jr.
Don't Think Twice
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