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Prune Pie [and Other Moving Stories]

Prune Pie
[and Other Moving Stories]

                                     Victoria Ward                                               ISBN 978-1-943829-00-2

Book review
ISBN 978-1-943829-00-2
Originating from a blog, this book contains stories of the Wards, on and off the music trail.

You'll meet Barry as husband, father, performer and “victim” of Victoria, wife, mom and feisty prankster along with kids B.J., Hunter and Sierra at all ages and stages.  Happily for the reader, Victoria writes skillfully as she draws sharp and entertaining pictures with clever timing and apt turns of phrase.   Each story is brief enough so the book can easily be a bedside reader (or some other is prune pie, after all).  She was encouraged by her blog audience (“blogience?”) to assemble her stories on paper between covers with a spine, so she a fun little volume.  Plenty of laughs, and soulful moments, fill the plate.  You won't go away hungry.  Fifty-five tales on two hundred thirty-seven pages.

Softcover Book:  $15 through

- by Rick Huff

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