Pre-War Western Swing - Rare Radio Broadcasts 1937-1943 - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Pre-War Western Swing - Rare Radio Broadcasts 1937-1943

Pre-War Western Swing
Rare Radio Broadcasts 1937-1943
BACM CD  527

Track list
- Carl Cole & His Flint Hill Boys :
-After You've Gone
- Jumpin Jive
- In The Mood
- The Sheik Of Araby
- Steel Guitar Rag
- Rosetta
Curly Williams & His Georgia Peach Pickers :
-Smoke On The Water
- When The Sun Goes Down
- Columbus Stockade
- Home In San Antone
Curt Massey with Louise Massey & The Westerners :
-Sweet Georgia Brown
Dave Edwards & His Alabama Boys :
- Carnival In Cotton Town
- Worried Mind
- Ridin' Down The Texas Trail
Jerry Sadler’s Cowboy Stringsters :
-Texas Plains
- I've Got The Blues For Mammy
Jesse Ashlock with Ezra & His Beverly Hillbillies :
-Draggin The Bow
Jimmy’s Saddle Pals :
-Limehouse Blues
- Up A Lazy River
- In A Little Spanish Town
- Cool Water
The Swift-Jewel Cowboys :
-Weary Blues
- Willie The Weeper
- Jig In G
- Estalee
- Crazy Rhythm
W. Lee O’’Daniels Hillbilly Boys :
-I Get The Blues When It Rains
- Sweet Jennie Lee

This is one of the most interesting Western Swing anthologies I’ve seen in years. Although many of the bands represented on the 29 tracks on this CD are obscure, there are some interesting exceptions. But more importantly, regardless of the extent of the bands’  fame, a large number of the recordings are first-rate vintage Western swing.
      Among the bands who are easily recognizable to fans of music from this era you’ll find W. Lee O’Daniel’s Hillbilly Boys with vocals by Leon Huff from 1937, Curt Massey with Louise Massey & the Westerners (with a great 1943 rendition of “Sweet Georgia Brown”), Jimmy’s Saddle Pals (aka Jimmy LeFevre and his Saddle Pals), Curly Williams and his Georgia Peach Pickers and Jesse Ashlock with Ezra & his Beverly Hillbillies.
              But the better-known bands don’t dominate; some of the others do more than hold their own. “Carnival in Cotton Town” by Dave
        Edwards & His Alabama Boys (from KTUL in Tulsa) became a favorite right away, as did “Estalee” & “Jig in G” by the Swift-Jewel   
        Cowboys (at WREC in Memphis), and Carl Cole & His Flint Hill Boys (from 1940 in Ponca City & Enid, OK) chalked up some good covers
        of popular big band tunes like “Jumpin’ Jive.” Many of the titles are well-known but these renditions will be new unless you grew up
        listening to one of these bands on the radio. Available from, phone (678) 232-0268.
OJ Sikes
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