Paul Schlesinger & His Knights Of Texas Swing - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Paul Schlesinger & His Knights Of Texas Swing

Paul Schlesinger and his Knights Of Texas Swing

Track list
You Were Meant To Ruin My Dreams
This Song Is Just For You
Say Y Me Tib
Haunted Hungry Heart
Cat'n Around
I Guess I'll Just Say I Don't Know
Hang Your Head In Shame
A Little Bit Of Heaven
Ethyl In My Gas Tank
Pretty Words
Conscience, I'm Guilty
Are You Trying To Tell Me Goodbye
Walk Me To The Door
A Broken Heart For A Souvenir
Golden Slippers

This wonderful new CD, ten years in the making, includes 15 cuts by Paul and his Knights of Texas Swing, many of Western Swings brightest stars. They include Paul doing all vocals as well as playing a top class fiddle and rhythm guitar. Ray Tesmer plays lead guitar and fiddle and Bill Dowdy does rhythm guitar, bass and lead guitar. The steel guitarists are Bud Harger and Hall of Famers Jimmy Grabowske and the late Bill Dessens. The drummers are George Harrison and Jimmy Heap, Jr. Kim Cochran, Jr. plays bass and Greg Rikard plays piano and keyboard. Also on keyboard is Western Swing deceased Hall of Fame legend Clyde Brewer. Guest musicians are Scott Fischer-bass, Justin Dubec- drums and clarinetist Jonathan Doyle.

The album opens from the library of Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters with You Were Meant to Ruin My Dreams. Others from the Heap band are This Song is Just for You, later becoming a Hank Locklin country memory, Haunted Hungry Heart, covered in the country world by Slim Whitman, Cat'n Around and Ethyl in My Gas Tank. The cajun sound is present on Paul's composition, Say Y Me Tib and pop music on A Little Bit of Heaven, from Wayne Newton. Other cuts include I Guess I'll Just Say I Don't Know, two from Bob Wills, Fred Rose's Hang Your Head in Shame and Dick Reinhart's A Broken Heart for a Souvenir and the instrumental, Golden Slippers. Paul and the band also borrow from Country music Marty Robbins' Pretty Words, Conscience I'm Guilty from the Hank Snow hit parade, Are You Trying to Tell Me Goodye from Perk Williams and Conway Twitty's Walk Me to the Door.

You can obtain the CD from Paul in person for $15 or order it online for $15 from or (CDBaby offers a 10% discount if you order multiple copies.) You can also send Paul a check for $17 (includes postage costs) to: Paul Schlesinger, 2500 Meadow Lane, Taylor, TX 76574.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK-AM, Lompoc, CA
March 28, 2016

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