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Panhandle Cowboys - Cows, Horses & Cowgirls

Panhandle Cowboys - Cows, Horses & Cowgirls

Track list
Cowboy Trail
Ballad of Bonnie McCarrow
Happy Cowboy
A Place Called Idaho
Coyote Swing
Blackfoot Joe
Across This Lonely Floor
Best of Intentions
Rough Stock Rider
The New Outfit
Montana Stars
Crosses on the Trail
Rodeo Hero
Prairie Waltz
Thirty and Found
Cowboy Opera

After a three year hiatus (at least from recording), the duo known as the Panhandle Cowboys has returned. Better engineered and mastered this time around, this album pretty much lets them be them.

Farmer Dave Fulfs is an accomplished Burl Ives-type singer on these original tracks. J.B. Barber contributes poetic narrations on eight of them, with nice support from Bodie Dominguez (guitar, bass & harmonica) and Elliott Marks (fiddle). The traditional style songwriting here strikes me as being particularly intelligent and suits Fulfs’ delivery well. One technical puzzlement: I don’t fully understand why Barber’s EQ (tone on his voice) and presence varies from one track to the next, but, whatever.

Picks include “Prairie Waltz,” “Coyote Swing,” “Blackfoot Joe,” “Cowboy Trail,” “The New Outfit,” “Thirty & Found” and “A P{lace Called Idaho.” It’s a nice little collection, and should find favor with the folks who take their Western Americana straight. Sixteen tracks.

CD: $15 ppd through or by calling for arrangements (509) 336-1616 and downloads are available through

Rick Huff 2017
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