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Nevada Slim Singing Songs of the Wild West: 25 Cowboy Classics

Nevada Slim Singing Songs of the Wild West
25 Cowboy Classics
Rural Rhythm Records       RUR-1144

Track list
The Legend Of Judge Roy Bean
Little Joe The Wrangler
Yonder Comes The Sheriff
Santa Fe Trail
The Big Corral
Chapo My Pony
Sam Hall
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Riding Down The Trail
Rovin’ Gambler
Z-Bar Dunn
Get Along Little Doggies
Bad Brahma Bull
Gamblin’ Black Jack Davey
Cowboy’s Ace In The Hole
Lone Driftin’ Rider
Yellow Rose Of Texas
Tying Knots In The Devils Tail
Billy Venero
Green Grow The Lilacs
Utah Carl’s Last Ride
Jack Of Diamonds
Old Black Steer
Rural Rhythm Records       RUR-1144
     For 30 years, Dallas Turner was one of Border Radio’s most popular “pitchmen” as well as being a very popular singer, especially of old cowboy songs. As a teenager in 1946, he left home to look for work on Border Radio, where his idol, Cowboy Slim Rinehart, took him under his wing and gave him his big break.
   Some 20 years later, the Rural Rhythm record label issued 8 LPs of Turner’s recordings. Now, for the first time on CD, the label has issued 25 Western tracks from those LPs. Many of the titles will be familiar to you, e.g. “Sam Hall,” “Little Joe the Wrangler,” “(Alongside the)  Santa Fe Trail,” & “The Big Corral,” but several are less well-known, which enhances the CD’s attractiveness to collectors of older cowboy & Western music.  Those include  “Lone Driftin’ Rider,” “The Legend of Judge Roy Bean” and “Old Black Steer,” the last of which is one of several that have alternate titles and a few changes in lyrics from what you may be accustomed to. That’s because the lyrics and melodies of traditional songs often changed as they were handed down, before we had recordings to preserve particular versions. “Riding Down the Trail” may well have been a Turner composition, since the lyrics situate it in Elko, NV, where I first met him over 25 years ago. But the melody is from “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.”
     In Elko, he gave me a tape with what soon became my favorite Nevada Slim recording, “The Cowboy & the Lion,” taken from his first LP on the Rural Rhythm label. Unfortunately, it’s not in this collection, but you’ll find favorites of your own on this CD. or call (615) 470-5451 ext. 222
OJ Sikes
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