Miss Devon & The Outlaw - City of Dreams - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Miss Devon & The Outlaw - City of Dreams

Miss Devon & The Outlaw - City of Dreams

Miss Devon & The Outlaw and Friends
                                “City of Dreams”

(Miss) Devon (Osbourne) Dawson got together with brother Jerry (Osbourne) to write the City Song for Port Townsend, Washington.  But, not unlike another song written simply to provide a radio theme for Roy & Dale, this song sings (and in this case swings) just fine on its own!

Shoring up the release of “City Of Dreams” on this album are previously released tracks from from Miss Devon and her current partner The Outlaw, her one-shot (so far) with Rich O'Brien and Kristyn Harris as Badger & The Belles and the fondly remembered Texas Trailhands.  Devon solos on “Ballad of Mr. Elmer” and “Play 'Faded Love' I Gotta Go Home.”  It's all danceable as it swings, waltzes and two-steps its way along.  You just might dance, too!  Recommended.  Nineteen tracks total.

CD:  (info not furnished but likely through Miss Devon & The Outlaw's site)

by Rick Huff

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