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Meadow Muffins In The Trail

Meadow Muffins In The Trail
(Dodging Life’s Little Disasters)
                                      T. K. GalarneauISBN                                                 978-0-9970716-0-3

Book review
From what I can ascertain, T. K. Galarneau seems to be rather unique in Cowboy Poetry circles.  Famously Montana’s Paul Zarzyski works in what some incorrectly term “blank verse” (prepare to be harshly corrected…it’s “FREE verse”)!!  But Galarneau goes them one better, frequently using rhythmic stanzas that don’t rhyme, or maybe will as she feels like it.  And she also does write some rhyming verse…when she feels like it.
In case this all sounds purely capricious on her part, I encourage you to try something.  She closes this collection with two thoroughly absorbing and well-crafted short stories “Home” and “It Is The Right Thing To Do.”  Read them, then re-read the poems ahead of them.  I think you will find she is very much in control of what she’s doing.
The theme here is, as the title should suggest to you, the minor…and sometimes more than minor…adversities one is apt to encounter along the path.  Step lively, and try these out for yourself.
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- by Rick Huff

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