Mary Kaye - Take Me Back to Texas - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Mary Kaye - Take Me Back to Texas

Mary Kaye - Take Me Back to Texas

Track list
Take Me Back To Texas
Leavin' Cheyenne
Grit, Grace, And Balin' Twine
Streets Of Laredo
Luckiest Cowgirl
Night Rider's Lament
Wyoming Woman, Montana Man
Cowboy Waltzin' Across Her Mind
Girl Meets West
Get Along Little Dogies
The Real Thing
The Prairie Preacher

The title track is not the “Take Me Back To Texas” you might be thinking it is. This one is Mary Kaye’s all the way. Of course she makes “Streets Of Laredo.” “Leavin’ Cheyenne” and “Git Along Little Dogies” hers as well, just as much as she does her musical adaptation of Frank Desprez’s “Lasca.”

If all of that seems to have a familiar ring to it, it could be because this collection “takes you back” to releases from Mary Kaye’s earlier albums, some tried and true tracks with the main emphasis being on danceability, be it Swing, Waltz, Two-Step or You-Name-It. It will be particularly appreciated by late-comers to the powerful performance skills of Mary Kaye. She uses the word “sass” to describe her attitude songs. I’ve used it as well. That term works big-time to impart the effect of “Fringe,” “Girl Meets West” or “Grit Grace & Balin’ Twine”…not to mention her early career song “The Real Thing” and
even “The Prairie Preacher.”

Whether Take Me Back To Texas marks a re-visit for you or a new discovery, this Mary Kaye replay will be welcome. And—surprise, surprise—I’m recommending it! Fourteen tracks.
Rick Huff 2017
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