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Junction 5-12 - San Miguel

Junction 5-12 - San Miguel

Review – Junction 5-12
                 “San Miguel”

On occasion I have extolled in print the arrival of what I’ve termed “emerging power duos.”  I’m hoping it’s not a curse.  Some of them seemed to dissolve even as the words were leaving my fingertips!  Undaunted, I’m attempting the exercise again.  In Junction 5-12 we certainly have the makings of “the next one!”

As has been said of The Pioneers, “it isn’t the flash…it’s the blend.”  Denver’s popular Mary Gifford and vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Ernie Martinez have issued their first album collaboration together, and it goes down smooth!  CD picks include a fine new saga song from Mary’s hubby Joe Gifford “Memory Of The Sea” (referring to prairie grass waves), “One Wild Heart,” “Once A Cowboy” (a cow-cure for PTSD), Hugh Priestwood’s “Bristlecone Pine” and a fresh treatment of Lange & Daniels’ “Blue Shadows On The Trail.”

Junction 5-12 definitely has plenty to offer, and it’s obvious here that the whole is greater even than the sum of its parts.  Particularly in this case, that’s saying a lot!  Ten tracks.

CD:  $15 + $2 s/h from Junction 5-12, 8023 East Harvard Circle, Denver, CO 80231 or through cdbaby or iTunes

- by Rick Huff

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