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John Bergstrom - Daybreak Moon

John Bergstrom - Daybreak Moon

John Bergstrom
 “Daybreak Moon”

Cozy, jam-like, unprocessed and straightforward.  These could be the benchmarks for CDs from John Bergstrom.

Vocally he nudges toward the Burl Ives direction but with more sand.  Accompaniment is provided by John Nelson (banjo & guitar), David Jackson (bass & accordion), Jesse Olema (fiddle), Tom Corbett (mandolin) and Gency Brown (harmony vocals).  And very much a vintage effect it is, which suits Bergstrom’s material.  His are frequently saga songs done in tribute to or stories of their title subjects.  Songs like “Daybreak Moon” and “Red Rocks of Sedona” are literal, the song “Lawmen” is about lawmen and so on, no muss-no fuss!  “Come Waltz With Me” seems like a visit from a bygone era and John’s fans like it that way.

Some of those fans’ more requested songs (like “Latchkey Cowboy” and “Western State of Mind”) have received remakes here among the new material.  As John puts it, “it’s some things old, some things new, some things borrowed (‘Mexicali Rose’ & John Zipperer’s ‘Ballad of Micah McDowde’ ) and a little bit of blues!”  Fourteen tracks.

CD - $15 ppd from John Bergstrom, 27590 Olive Mill Ct., Valencia, CA 91354 or through cdbaby, amazon and others.

- by Rick Huff

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