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Jimmy Ruggiere - Nicer Guy

Jimmy Ruggiere - Nicer Guy

Longtime harmonica man Jimmy Ruggiere (pronounced “roo-zher”) opened his mouth this time and an interesting voice came out!
Ruggiere is nobody’s copy of anybody.  On this release it’s “this is me and these are my thoughts” all the way, yet done with a seasoned session guy’s knowledge of the completed form.  The CD would fall solidly into the “Americana” section rather than “Western,” but these days many seem to be feeling
that the two are next door neighbors.
“I Cried All The Way To Fort Worth” certainly qualifies as Western Swing, as does the CD’s title track “A Heartache Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.”  His Bluegrass chops are given an outing in “90 Miles To Nashville,” and Honky Tonk rock rules the roost in “I Want To Wake Up Stoned” and the good ‘n’ rowdy “I’ll Take The Ride (Wild Thing)!”  In fact this may well be intended as a showcase for other artists to pick up the songs for themselves…and they likely will!  Ten tracks.
CD:  (order through www.nicerguymusic.com or call (512)422-8311
by Rick Huff

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