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Jerry Bell - Just An Old Song

Jerry Bell - Just An Old Song

Review – Jerry Bell
       “Just An Old Song”

In his newest CD Wyoming’s Jerry Bell has given us an even grouping.  Seven poems to seven songs.

It’s nice to hear resuscitated the old Dan Roberts/Roy Robinson song “A Little Cowboy In All Of Us”
as well as Ken Overcast & Jeff Streebey’s apocalyptic song from years back “Ride Cowboy Ride.”  Bell’s original called “Just An Old Song” bears a nice song heritage and preservationist message of “write me down, write me down!”  Also his original “New Love In Taos” is worthy of mention.  Among the poems an album pick is Stan Rood’s “Ride To The Sunset.”  Two Kiskaddons are here (“When You’re Throwed” and “The Draw”) as well as two choice Pat Richardsons (“Cowboy Banker” and Second Thoughts”).

A production note:  Bell’s sung tracks strike me as having been mixed a bit timidly.  At least his soft vocals could have been mixed into the accompaniment with more authority.  Fourteen tracks.

CD:  $15 + 2.50 s/h from Jerry Bell, 20 Foxtail Lane, Riverton, WY 82501

- by Rick Huff

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