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Jason Roberts - That's My Home

Jason Roberts - That's My Home

Track list
I Hear You Talkin'
That's My Home
My Last Dime
How It Lies, How It Lies, How It Lies
Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach
Lest We Forget
Dark Town Strutter's Ball
A Texas Honky Tonk
Jesse Polka
Texas Sandman
Bye Bye Blackbird

Jason Roberts, a young 19 year veteran of Asleep at the Wheel and with strong roots in Western Swing music has now formed his own Jason Roberts Band. In addition, he has just released a brand new CD that is a real gem. This new 12 tune album of classic and new material also features some of the finest names in Western Swing along with Jason, who is in the vocal spotlight as well as playing fantastic fiddle, mandolin, guitar, clarinet and steel guitar. Also heard are Jason's former Asleep at the Wheel bandmates, Eddie Rivers- steel guitar and Dan Walton- piano. Also heard on steel guitar is Johnny Cox and on drums are Butch Miles, Jim Loessberg and Mike Bernal. Kevin Smith plays bass and the legendary Rick McRae plays lead guitar.

The album opens from the Bob Wills tune book with Cindy Walker's I Hear You Talkin. Also included from Wills is Cindy's Texas Sandman. Jason also borrows many from pop music and gives it his own awesome styling. There is That's My Home, How it Lies, How it Lies, How it Lies, Dark Town Strutter's Ball, Bye Bye Blackbird and Al Jolson's Avalon. There is also the Texas dance hall sound of Bill Anderson's My Last Dime, Jason's own Lest We Forget and Glenn Sutton's A Texas Honky Tonk from the great Darrell McCall. The remaining tunes are Dale Watson's Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach and Cliff Bruner's Jesse Polka.

The cost of the CD is $15 plus postage and can be ordered online from: http://www.jasonrobertsband.com. Downloads of the album and individual tracks are available for purchase on Jason’s Web site, iTunes, Amazon.com, or most popular digital download sites. The CD is also available for purchase by phone at 888-606-6874.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX
Johnny Gimble, Jason Roberts
Can't Go on this Way
Jason Roberts Band
West Texas Cotton Field
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