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If That Ain't Country

If That Ain't Country
DJ Western Red      affiliatesalesmt@aol.com

If That Ain't Country: a weekly traditional country radio show, hosted by Western Red.

From Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn and George Jones to Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and George Strait - Each week If That Ain't Country features the very best in traditional country music from the biggest charting artists and singles, with a few gems that radio hasn't worn out.

With a genuine love, deep knowledge and respect for the roots of country music, If That Ain't Country isn't your average classic country radio show - combining unique segments, anecdotes and commmentary, we tap into the authenticity and rich story-telling heritage of country music with a mix you'll find nowhere else - and all with a uniquely Aussie approach to a US tradition.

If That Ain't Country is the perfect show for stations looking to take their listeners back to a time when country music was country.

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