Dennis Jay - Western And Country - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Dennis Jay - Western And Country

Dennis Jay - Western And Country

Track list
Texas Skies Shining In A Cowgirl's Eyes
The Thorns Of Your Roses
Watch Over You Tonight
Primicia (Volver a visitar)
Sweet Memory
A Picture In My Wallet
The Lights Of Deadwood
South Of Seguin
Right Up On The Edge
My Baby's Arms
A Cowboy Tune
The Gamble
Streets Of Laredo

It's just what the title says...Western and Country...but a good deal of that Country is still Western-friendly to boot.

The very presence of lauded producer and multi-instrumentalist Lloyd Maines immediately signals a project that's worth an ear!   Jay's solid baritone, with that edge of trail-wary experience in it as if he might have seen too much, is an effect that supports the words in songs like “Right Up To The Edge” or “The Lights Of Deadwood.”  But Jay swings too, on “A Picture In My Wallet,” “My Baby's Arms” and the semi-instrumental “Texas Skies Shining In A Cowgirl's Eyes”  Other songs like “The Gamble” and “A Cowboy's Tune” use the Cowboy framework to get some other jobs done.  An interesting take on “Streets Of Laredo” closes it.  Recommended.  Thirteen tracks.

CD:  (info not furnished but likely Google artist & title)

- by Rick Huff
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