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Dave Stamey - Western Stories

Dave Stamey - Western Stories

Track list
Let Me Sell You a Dream
Runaway Horse
New Mexico Woman
Fence Building Blues
The Land Where Cedars Grow
Custer's Ghost
The Ballad of Bart McGee
Sell Me a Pony
At the Truck Stop
The Blue Light Motel
Orange Cove Auto Repair and Smog
Montana Homestead 1915
The Ghost of Old 83

Nowadays it’s almost presumptuous to begin to review a Dave Stamey release.  The name is its own review!  It’s Dave Stamey, for Pete’s sake!  You know it’s going to be good!  And he is joined again by his favorite “harmonizer” Annie Lydon because…if it ain’t broke and so forth.

While all the songs on this CD bear the familiar stamp of the artist, Stamey doesn’t do filler material.  He makes you glad that every song is included.  So here once again find that Stamey style of power ballads, reflective Spanish laced songs, songs to make you smile and think.  The medicine show snake oil salesman song “Let Me Sell You A Dream” is one of those infectious Stamey swingers people dig.  You’ll also love “Runaway Horse” as much as finding out it was inspired by Stamey’s desire to flee from the Seattle Airport!  And a personal Thank You to Dave for including the one called “New Mexico Woman.”  We can invite you back now!!  

Recommended, of course.  Fourteen tracks.

CD:  $15 + $4 s/h from Horse Camp Music, PO Box 189, Orange Cove, CA 93646 or through www.davestamey.com

- by Rick Huff

Dave Stamey
At The Truck Stop
Dave Stamey
Twelve Mile Road
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