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Dave Insley - Just The Way That I Am

Dave Insley - Just The Way That I Am

Review – James Michael

For his second CD release James Michael has called on the skills of Jeanne Cahill & Jerome Campbell (many instruments & vocals), Cathy Boeker (harmony), Jon Messenger (fill and slide guitar), Mariam Funke (fill & rhythm guitar) and Judy Coder (Native American flute).  Good choices all!

Picks include Jeanne’s “My Heart Lives In Old Santa Fe” (with Spanish verse by James), English and Spanish versions of “Sunset On The Water” (written with Jon and Jerome), the bilingual “Down By The San Pedro” (co-written with Les Buffham) and the interesting title track, written for his parents, which features a neatly interwoven whistle with “Meadowlark” call.  Two covers are welcome additions as well…Bob Nolan’s “Tumbleweed Trail” and Cindy Walker’s AWA Award-winning “Ruidoso.”  And the poet in the performer shines through with “Gaishena” (a Chaco Canyon fable) and the Gail Gardner-inspired “August In Arizona.”

Stylistically James Michael is a balladeer in the Marty Robbins tradition and he carries that tradition proudly.  Recommended.  Fifteen tracks.

CD: $15 +$3 s/h check or money order to Mike Hosea, 4980 Baylor Canyon Rd., Las Cruces, NM 88011, emailing mhosea@zianet.com and through cdbaby.com

- by Rick Huff

James Michael
Down By the Old San Pedro
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