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Curio Cowboys - Rose Of Old Pawnee

Curio Cowboys - Rose Of Old Pawnee

This wonderful Albuquerque western swing band has just released a brand new CD as a tribute to one of America's greatest songwriters. This fantastic album is packed with 18 Fred Rose compositions in their very enjoyable style. It is sure to chart really soon.

The album opens up with an awesome version of Rootie Tootie, originally from the Western Swing world of Pee Wee King and later a Hank Williams country charter. Also from Hank Williams is included Waltz of the Wind and I'm Satisfied with You.

They also bring back so many enjoyable musical memories from Bob Wills with a top class reworking of Rose of Old Pawnee, Sweet Kind of Love, I Can't Go on This Way, You Don't Care What Happens to Me, Deep Water, Roly Poly and Texarkana Baby, which was also a huge Eddy Arnold hit. They also remember Bob Wills and the Sons of the Pioneers with Home in San Antone. Also included are Fred's pop music compositions Deed I Do, Blues in My Mind and the instrumental Deep Henderson. Also included is Be Honest with Me from Gene Autry, Foggy River from Moon Mullican and Low and Lonely from Roy Acuff and country music. The remaining cut Tender Hearted Sue was recorded by Rose under the pseudonym Rambling Rogue.

The group bandleader, John Feldman is heard on vocals, steel guitar, mandolin, banjo and guitar. Jordan Ripley, Byron Ripley, Joe Carter, Carol Feldman and Jay D. Rosenblum are also heard on vocals. Jay is also heard on bass and Tom Walker and David Nidel do drums. The fiddles are played by Doc Gonzales, Grey Howell and Joe Carter. Art Maya, Stan Burg and Robert Rambo play guitar with Byron Ripley also guitar and tuba. Also heard is Larry Freedman-piano and Tim Clark- trumpet.

This album can be obtained from or CDBaby.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK-AM, Lompac, CA
September 9, 2016

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