Cindy Walker Vol 2 : Trail Drivin’ - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Cindy Walker Vol 2 : Trail Drivin’

Cindy Walker Vol 2 : Trail Drivin’
 B.A.C.M.  CD D 496

Track list
- Another Night To Cry
- Blue Kimono Blues
- Careless Sweetheart
- Everybody Knew It But Me
- He Knows All The Answers
- You Got My Heart Doing A Tap Dance
- Hubbin' It
- Homesick
- I Can't Believe A Word You Say
- Ridin' On Down
- I Don't Trust The Men
- I Love Everything About You
- Lay Your Hand In Mine
- Lonesome Gal
- Miss Molly
- Put Your Arms Around Me
- Song Of The Cowboy
- Travelin' In My Shoes
- Old Wrangler
- Trail Drivin'
- Ti Yi Yipee Ay
- Toodleumbo
- Nobody's Waiting For Me
- Trail The Sun Travels Down
- Oh Darlin'
- Night On The Trail
Most folks know that Cindy Walker was a great composer of country and Western songs. Her compositions were recorded by Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers, Bing Crosby, Bob Wills, Eddy Arnold and many others. But did you know she also sang?  She made a number of commercial recordings for the Decca and Jewel labels as a vocal soloist, and even more radio transcriptions. 26 of those transcriptions appear on this new BACM release.

    Interestingly, she didn’t write all of the songs on this disc, but she did compose quite a few (at least half) of them. It’s also interesting that some of the song titles are not identical to the titles used when the  same songs were recorded by others. For example, a song she wrote titled “Old Wrangler”  is here, but is better known on Sons of the Pioneers transcriptions as “The Old Wrangler Dreams.” And her “Song of the Cowboy,” as it appears here, is known elsewhere as “Cowboy Serenade.” But any confusion is easily resolved when you hear the music, as sung by Cindy Walker herself.

                   You’ll hear her own renditions of “Hubbin’ It,” “Miss Molly,” “Trail Drivin’ (‘cross the Idaho plains)” & “Toodleumbo” plus quite a few you may never have heard!
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