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Book Cowboy Princess Rides Again

Cowboy Princess Rides Again
 Cheryl Barnett-Rogers          Riverwood Press 2015

Book review
      Before I received my copy of this book, I got a call from my good friend Jerry West (from Waxahachie, Texas). He had just finished reading the book and told me it was “the most comprehensive, interesting and entertaining Roy Rogers-Dale Evans book I have ever read – and I have read them all!” Well, when Jerry West tells you something, “you can take it to the bank!”  I got a copy, read it (it was hard to put it down), and he was right!
      The new book,  267 pages, in paperback, contains updated (sometimes alternate) versions of stories you may have read in Cheryl’s earlier book, Cowboy Princess, plus lots of new stories and photos you probably haven’t heard or seen before because they haven’t been printed before. The style is pleasant to read as well as entertaining and informative.  As Roy’s first child, Cheryl was there all through the 40’s and 50’s, arriving before Roy Rogers became King of the Cowboys. She was also Roy’s and Dale’s care-giver in their last years, and encouraged by their primary care physician, she closed the book with a chapter on how they dealt with their complicated health issues in their last years (and, doubtless, prolonged their lives). It’s a very valuable chapter for those of us of a certain age. Cheryl really brings all of those experiences to life in this new book.
        Like Jerry West, I found lots of information I hadn’t known and tons of photos I’d never seen, including stories and photos of the Sons of the Pioneers! It’s fascinating and highly recommended! $25 on or, if you want a signed copy, the price is $25 plus $5.75 for Priority Mail (insured and takes 2 to 3 days) or $4.50 for media mail (no insurance and takes 10 to 15 days to arrive).  Send your check to: Cheryl Rogers-Barnett, PO Box 577, Washington, UT 84780-0577.
O.J. Sikes

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