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Book Bob Baker: A “Real” Singing Cowboy

Book Bob Baker: A “Real” Singing Cowboy
 Bobby J. Copeland & Bill Russell

Book review
       Bob Baker was a singing cowboy movie  star in the 1930’s. Born in Iowa, he grew up in Colorado and worked as a ranch hand and rodeo performer in Arizona before landing a job on the National Barn Dance at WLS in Chicago. There, Baker shared the stage with Patsy Montana and Pat Buttram and became friends with Max Terhune, who later was to help him prepare for his screen test when he moved to Hollywood and became a movie star for Universal.
      For some unknown reason, Baker never recorded commercially, although his fans enjoyed his singing and, in his pictures, he sang a number of solid Western songs composed by Fleming Allan. His films were popular. His sidekicks included Fuzzy Knight & Hank Worden and his leading ladies included Dorothy Fay & Fay McKenzie, but his career as a star was cut short after only 12 movies, when he suffered an accident doing one of his own stunts. He recovered and was able to complete the film, but Universal, in an unrelated decision, chose to discontinue his starring roles and instead, paired him with Johnny Mack Brown, giving Johnny Mack the lead. After a total of 31 films, Baker left Hollywood.
     8 pages of this new 131 page book contain Baker’s story, in his own words.  This is followed by comments about him by former friends and colleagues, loads of great photos, a full chapter on the music in his films and a synopsis of each of his films. $23.95 from Bobby Copeland, 104 Claremont Rd., Oak Ridge, TN 37830.
O.J. Sikes

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