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Bob Thomas - A Cowboy's Revel

Bob Thomas - A Cowboy's Revel

Stylistically I would place Bob Thomas among the practitioners of Western in one of its more primal forms.

But for the presence of some Country steel and dobro guitar, you could add synthetic needle scratch with a tinny tone and you might be hearing a gravel-voiced waddie sidled up to John A. Lomax’s famous Edison Cylinder Machine!  That’s certainly the effect of both performer and much of his material (“Red,” “Wyoming,” “Nights On The Prairie,” “I Let My Pony Run” or “Maria Theresa”).

Also included in this latest collection is yet another song bearing the name “Stampede.”  Now by my count this makes at least eight, which may soon technically booger up the Harry Fox Agency’s computers!!  A tribute to singer/songwriter Joyce Woodson is an interesting addition this time around.

Eleven tracks.

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- by Rick Huff

Track List  
A Cowboy's Revel
I Let My Pony Run
Maria Theresa
Nights On The Praire
My Ring
The Note
The Break
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