Bernadette Ducharme - One Boot In The Stirrup - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Bernadette Ducharme - One Boot In The Stirrup

Bernadette Ducharme - One Boot In The Stirrup

Bernadette Ducharme
              “One Boot In The Stirrup”
Bernadette Ducharme engages in the long honored practice of putting Cowboy Poets’ verses to music, a natural fit most of the time.  Happily she is skilled and ably pulls it off with songs created in tribute to fellow Canadian poets.
Others have found musical inspiration in works of Mag Mawhinney.  Six of her poems are given firm Ducharme mountings…in particular “One Foot In The Stirrup” (a stirring saga song) and “He Was Good Around Horses” (not a particularly obvious poem for putting to music, and it works well here).  Other Mawhinneys are “Hoof Prints In The Snow,” “When A Cowboy Made Me Cry,” “Git ‘Er Done” and “Something About A Cowboy.”  The late Mike Puhallo’s “A Cowboy’s Advice” and “Call Me A Fool,” Bruce Rolph’s “The Old Felt Hat” and “Ghosts Of Stockyards Past” and Frank Gleeson’s “My Favourite Buckskin” round out the poem-songs and two nice Ducharme originals complete the package.
Hers is a pleasant ballad voice that I feel doesn’t require quite as much reverb as the studio applied, but it’s a worthy collection regardless.

CD:  $20 ppd US & CAN from Bernadette Ducharme, PO Box 408, Horsefly, BC Canada V0L 1L0 or through

- by Rick Huff

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