Andy Parker & the Plainsmen,Trail Dust, Vol. 4 - Whe The Cowboy Sings

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Andy Parker & the Plainsmen,Trail Dust, Vol. 4

Andy Parker & the Plainsmen,Trail Dust, Vol. 4

 B.A.C.M. CD D 495

Track list
- Wagon Wheels
- The Rangers Ride Again
- Ridin' Down The Canyon
- Red River Valley
- I Ain't  Got Nothin' To Lose
- I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded
- Cigars, Cigarettes, Souvenirs
- She's So Fragile
- An Old Cameo
- Dust Of A Rose
- A Lie Can't Mend A Broken Heart
- Pecos Bill
- Dear Hearts And Gentle People
- On Top Of Old Smoky
- Jesse James
- Hangman's Guns
- You Gotta Get Good
- Gallopin' To Glory
- When It's Prayer Meetin' Time In The Hollow
- By The Light Of The Alter Candles
- Whippoorwill Waltz
- Wailin' West Wind
- Trail Dust

Trail Dust, Vol. 4                                                                    B.A.C.M. CD D 495
-          Andy Parker & the Plainsmen, plus guests Tex Ritter, Betsy Gay, Buddy Cole and others
This 4th release of material by Andy Parker & the Plainsmen, plus a few famous guests, comes from commercial 78rpm records (23 sides) made between 1947 and 1951. There’s one exception, a demo titled “Gallopin’ to Glory,” a Fleming Allen composition featuring Charlie Morgan. The audio quality has been perfected to make them sound “like new,” and the music you’ll hear is fantastic! The Plainsmen were clearly one of the most talented groups of the Golden Era of Western music, and, once you hear this disc, you’ll understand why they were so highly regarded by other musicians.
      Here, they accompany Betsy Gay on “I Didn’t Know the Gun was Loaded” and the Zeke Manners novelty, “Cigars, Cigarettes, Souvenirs,” Tex Ritter as he sings a delightful version of “Pecos Bill” and Gordon McRae  on “Dear Hearts & Gentle People.”  But most of the rest of the songs (23 in all) feature The Plainsmen doing some of their finest work, e.g. “Trail Dust,” “Wailin’ West Wind,” “Wagon Wheels,” “The Rangers Ride Again,” “Ridin’ Down the Canyon,” “An Old Cameo” (a Charlie Morgan vocal solo with group harmony & beautiful solos by steel guitarist Joaquin Murphey & fiddler Harry Sims), “Whippoorwill Waltz,” the rare “Hangman’s Guns” (with Andy singing the solo) and the previously unissued  “Gallopin’ to Glory,” featuring Charlie Morgan, to name just a few. According to Andy Parker’s diary, two of the songs were recorded with, and in the home of, the legendary musician/producer Buddy Cole.
              Andy Parker’s son Joe provided the liner notes & photos of all of the performers and tried to make sure the audio was as good as it gets. He succeeded!  Highly
       recommended! Available from VenerableMusic.Com, phone (678) 232-0268 or
      O.J. Sikes

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