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Andy Nelson - I Won

Andy Nelson - I Won

This time it’s a nice Andy Nelson/Brenn Hill collaboration that greets us!  What works here works wonderfully well, and the experiments were worth trying.

Big successes include the reflective “Waiting On The Thunder,” “Family Cemetery,” “Will They Write Songs About Us,” a minor miracle about parenthood called “His Baby Girl & Her Little Boy” and Andy performs Brenn’s eerily beautiful verse “Cottonwood” with conviction.  For me the jury’s still out on laying “The Horse Sale Catalog” over a custom-extended track of Leroy van Dyke’s “The Auctioneer.”  Fans of Nelson nuttiness will enjoy “I Won,” “Feline Orthodontics,” “What Are They Thinking” and “Cowboys On Facebook.”

Three tracks are poem-with-song combos.  They include Andy’s “Worst Winter Ever” (a not-all-that exaggerated Wyoming winter’s tale) with Brenn’s “Fair Weather Cowboy” (call me when it’s nice out) and another that struck me as being a bit overbalanced in the ratio of poem to song…Andy’s “Be The First” with Brenn’s lyrically dominant “Single Winter Rose.”  The third is religious.

All-in-all, it’s enjoyable and done by two guys who know how it should be done.  Fifteen tracks.  

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- by Rick Huff

Brenn Hil/Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson
Cowboy Poet, Cowboy Train
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