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Almeda Bradshaw - Tribute

Almeda Bradshaw - Tribute

As a rule I have not reviewed two or three-song ET's, but the ever-increasing popularity of downloading individual songs has prompted a re-think on it.

Almeda Bradshaw won kudos across Cochise County in Arizona for her tribute song to slain sheriff (and cowboy) Larry Dever called "Larry Dever Did."  She was inspired to create it after reading a book on the subject of his death that asked if it was accidental or murder.  Almeda fell into the category that believed the latter was true, and has now released the song for its eager fans to own.  Also on the ET is the poem "Cowboy" (by John Antrobus) which she adapted slightly in setting it to music.  Both songs feature stirling production values and performances from Almeda and players Lance Bendiksen (keyboards, accordion, harmonica, harmony vocals);  Ernie Martinez (banjo, dobro);  Johnny Neil & Nancy Steinburger (fiddles);  Dave Janssen (bass guitar) and Christian Teele (percussion).  Both of these "tribute" songs are worth your time and money to download.   

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- by Rick Huff

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