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Allan Chapman & Rodeo Kate - Under Blue Skies

Allan Chapman & Rodeo Kate - Under Blue Skies

Welcome to one of those don’t need to prove nuthin’ kind of albums!  It’s mostly originals with covers of J. Gorka’s “People My Age” (with rhythmic tuba punctuators) and a gypsy-tinged treatment of C. Cohen’s “Dance Me To The End Of Love.”

The mounting is acoustic, elegantly simple and it’s nice to hear Kip Calahan (in any manner she’ll allow us to) on harmony vocals.  On “The Western Star” Chapman & Chapman give her the chance to prove something can be done with the solo word “water” beyond what Bob Nolan did!  Other picks include the saga song “Cinco Peso,” a bittersweet love song “Signal Fire,” “A Hard One To Know” (seemingly Allen’s reconciliation song of sorts with his dad) and “The Question” (and its shut-down answer)!  There are opportunities for Kate to take the lead on the instrumentals “Caledonia Stomp” and “Last Roundup Waltz.”  There’s also a fond look back at some of Allan’s professional history in “1*9*7*3,” a year of high hopes in the music business.

“Under Blue Skies” is a pleasant collection that should wear well with you over time.  Twelve tracks total.

CD:  $15 through contacting

- by Rick Huff

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